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Our Travel Lift GH70 can carry up to 64 tons. It has a 2 tons jib crane to assist boats in the process of engine installation or mast maintenance in the case of sailboats. Our system is composed of high quality parts, which aids us to work effectively under the most exigent conditions.


Settlement on dock

We use boat holders of the highest quality, certified by the italian naval company Naval Tecno Sud. This high end equipment plus our years of experience, gives the most accurate and professional on-dock operations to our costumers.



Fast, safe and agile allocation of the boats on dock, making the best use of the dock´s space possible. This is possible thanks to the concentric turn-around of the boats that our machinery allows.
Built on high-resistance S355 structural steel, our hydraulic system is equipped with a Yanmar 3TNV88 diesel engine.


Painting and general repairs

We offer repair services for general flaws on fiber surfaces such as bumps during mooring, colisions, etc.
All the repairs are finished with anti-fouling and proper paint job.


special services

  • We offer welding jobs and towing assistance both in and out of the Marine.
  • We have several semi-rigid boats and potent motorboats in order to tow boats from outside seaport to the inner Marine or viceversa.
  • We also provide basic maintenance services like engine maintenance, oil and filter changes, gerenal check-ups, electricity jobs, etc.