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Soluciones Navales is a company that was founded in the Port of San Sebastián de La Gomera with the aim of improving the existing dry dock, creating a group of professional boat repairers.

Specialised In Ship Repair

We are specialised in the repair of fibreglass boats, both motorboats and sailing boats.

We have a GH70 self-propelled marine getaway for beaching and launching boats and a self-propelled trolley from the Italian company BOAT LIFT model BL20.

Port and Coastal Patrons

Our company has port skippers and coastal skippers on its staff, with experience in navigation, both in motorboats and sailing boats. Therefore, we offer the service of boat transfers between different ports of the Canary Islands.

Patrones portuarios y de litoral

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If you have any questions about the services we offer or you need any other service that we have not reflected on our website…